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Expecting a sweet baby boy in May...and trying to get ready.

Baby Boy due in May!

Baby Boy, due in May!
Baby Boy, due in May!

We’re calling this transparent parents because we genuinely are hoping to learn through this process. Our first (and only) miracle baby is due in May this year and we’re thrilled, terrified and realizing everyday that we actually don’t know anything about parenting. We’re lucky because we both have good examples and were raised by strong people, but there is so, so much to know.

We met when we were 15 and were best friends for a number of years. Sue wasn’t supposed to be able to get pregnant – ever. At 20, she was told it would be nearly impossible due to an ovarian condition. We lost touch for a while in college, but reunited at 28 and have been together since I turned 30. At 31, we tried to get pregnant and against all odds, it happened. This sweet bay boy will be our miracle baby. It’s been a complicated and difficult pregnancy with ovarian cysts rupturing and lots of scares along the way, but we’re in the home stretch now…11 weeks to go tomorrow.

Thanks for helping us through this journey!

– Andy